Saturday, December 18, 2010

Grey Swan Ate Ricky

I watched black swan yesterday.

It was a bit....sensationalized at times( but still good). I thought mila kuunis and creepy ballet instructor guy's acting was average. Like I wish they got someone more charming and like more suave to play the creepy russian ( or maybe he was french....) he was kinda too vanilla.

Mila played the crazy bitch role ( with cliche back tattoo) well, but i dont think she coudl keep up wit Nat.

Nat Portman <3>

The movie made me think about the duality in all people. We all play a sort of White and Black Swan character, no? ( i'm like so deep right now)

For me my white swan is asian boy in business who gels his hair and wants to $$$$ and be like power boy in suit who drives fast car. And then my............ ( this sounds soooo funny)....... "black swan" is hedonistic punk poser side who wears black and leather.

I am very cliche and lame but in the end we all our. and I will be the first to admit i am a loser :D But i'm also smart and pungent like curry. Everyone seeks to please and gain acceptance. I think its more lame when people try to fool themselves into thinking that their truly being innovative and like one of a kind trendsetter ( in vancouver especially).

but i admit i am trying to combine both and as you say "mix black and white."

Last summer i went to this business dinner auction things and wore like nice grey suit and smiled and ate like steak. Then left early and got my friend to pick me up and changed in bathroom stall ( like clark kent) into my like "fashion style" gear lol....and went to this like club that was an abandoned hotel. Me and Brenda left early and like went to this park and nearly got assaulted by these drunk teens ( total fetal alcohal syndrom cases). we missed our buss and like stayed up all night and had wild love session. jk.

Say hi to white swan...i hope i don't turn psycho

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