Sunday, December 26, 2010

when i wanted to be a stylist ate Ricky

This was two years ago when i was in my~ "i'm going to be a stylist phase"

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Say hi to korean punk

So korea does have a punk scene but it's very small and kind of like Fragmented and doesn't really have much of a collective identity ( in terms of what they stand for)

not really as established as say punks scenes in Japan or malaysia.

Which is weird because korea honestly has all the ingredients for M A S S I V E punk movement. Very conservative society. Benal. Alienation through societal pressures. CORRUPTION. bullies. None sense. TEMPER.

Say hi to cute korean punks and song by crying nut :)

pen sex ate ricky

My new Style inspiration Ate Ricky

His name is Humberto Leon. Co owner of opening ceremony. I like this outfit bc the shirt is like kind of china town style but paired with khakis it looks sharp.
Tucking in T-shirt into jeans :)

I LOVE HIS JEANS and style bc its like simple and manly but each item is interesting and kinda gay ( i think he is gay) he doesn't look like over the top or TOO like "IM INTO FASHION" style

Korean Angry Chick Music Ate Ricky

I like this song. Also my lover sang this at karaoke bar. I like this song.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Grey Swan Ate Ricky

I watched black swan yesterday.

It was a bit....sensationalized at times( but still good). I thought mila kuunis and creepy ballet instructor guy's acting was average. Like I wish they got someone more charming and like more suave to play the creepy russian ( or maybe he was french....) he was kinda too vanilla.

Mila played the crazy bitch role ( with cliche back tattoo) well, but i dont think she coudl keep up wit Nat.

Nat Portman <3>

The movie made me think about the duality in all people. We all play a sort of White and Black Swan character, no? ( i'm like so deep right now)

For me my white swan is asian boy in business who gels his hair and wants to $$$$ and be like power boy in suit who drives fast car. And then my............ ( this sounds soooo funny)....... "black swan" is hedonistic punk poser side who wears black and leather.

I am very cliche and lame but in the end we all our. and I will be the first to admit i am a loser :D But i'm also smart and pungent like curry. Everyone seeks to please and gain acceptance. I think its more lame when people try to fool themselves into thinking that their truly being innovative and like one of a kind trendsetter ( in vancouver especially).

but i admit i am trying to combine both and as you say "mix black and white."

Last summer i went to this business dinner auction things and wore like nice grey suit and smiled and ate like steak. Then left early and got my friend to pick me up and changed in bathroom stall ( like clark kent) into my like "fashion style" gear lol....and went to this like club that was an abandoned hotel. Me and Brenda left early and like went to this park and nearly got assaulted by these drunk teens ( total fetal alcohal syndrom cases). we missed our buss and like stayed up all night and had wild love session. jk.

Say hi to white swan...i hope i don't turn psycho

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Robyn Ate Ricky

This song is very "fabulous" but it's actually layered with this bit of longing that i really like. i prefer robyn over say kylie or madonna bc her genre is very gay and glittery but she has that bit of outsider appeal, ya know. let's be honest she's not the prettiest girl, but that's why i like her. And none of that it's bc " i can relate to her bc she's like everyone else" bs.

-When she sings about being neglected or trying to fit in amidst the sea of made up face and good bone structure i believe her .

Here is my fave track "call your girlfriend."

i get sad listening to this bc I dont think he will be making that phone cal.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

mari ate ricky

I think the only way someone can get away with hip style nowadays without it comin across as obnoxious is when they have an accent.

This girls name is mari j brooklyn. I think she's adorable.

III: Mari J Brooklyn, Part 1 from Swagger on Vimeo.

Here she is talkin about how she used to dress sexy for the boys and stopped bc "its stupid" *insert head jilt*

Mari J Brooklyn from from Stylelikeu on Vimeo.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

IM actually really grateful that starte dthis blog so i have somewhat of a reference point of different thoughst ive had that had led me twards this point. Its funny i think im constantly confilcted between different sides of msyelf. thes sid eof me that knows that the best way is to kep it simple but teh otehr side that jsut geos and destroys it all with it uneccessery beligerence and excess. Im tired of second guesssing msyelf in my choice and the way i lead my life. im gald that i have the freinds in my life that have alwasy told me the sole truth that i am just one man and i am nothing more without the simplistic nature of love and virture. I wonder howe far i can keep writing this, it hard trying not to edit yourself and just freew rite and see what geos out of your mouth. Currnetly in my room figureing out what im going to be wearing tommorow and it makes me wonder baout many things. I always think that im somebody that can be easily read form teh outisde bc im notthe most the stable person. I fluctuate day ina and day out. it is my achilese heel but at the same time i think it is the sole thing that makes me truly special. my sesitivity and proness to please others and evolve to their tastes to see life throught their perspectives. Bye

Quote of the day Ate Ricky

Create your own visual style…let it be unique for yourself and yet unidentifiable for others

Orson Welles

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Saturday, August 14, 2010

“Shall we dance?” ate Brenda

nouvelle vague "dance with me"+

Godard’s bande a part (band of outsiders) +

Anna Karina (my fav french new wave actress)

“Let's dance little stranger

Show me secret sins

Love can be like bondage

Seduce me once again

Burning like an angel

Who has heaven in reprieve?

Burning like the voodoo man

With devils on his sleeve

Won't you dance with me

In my world of fantasy

Won't you dance with me

Ritual fertility”

Remember the last time someone ask you to dance?

Did that make you fall like an angel from heaven to earth?

Did you resent your fall to a secret sinner?

After all, do you think it’s all worth it ?

Or, you will take it as a joke and laugh it off?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Video Ate Brenda

Disclaimer( Turn up the volume or listen with headphones)

So this is a video of Brenda played to THE MFA's "The Difference it Makes" ~ yay video making.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

West Coast Vs East Coast

Do you remember when there was that whole East coast West coast battle in the 90's? Tupac vs Biggie~ i was too young to be aware about these things.

So Does that mean I must settle for this?

West Coast:

East Coast:

To be honest I think SNoop Dog is amazing~ but JAyZ > Snoop

East Coast's got grit and the West Coast's got bikinis.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Brenda Ate Ricky

Thank you to those that read this blog~ *throws confetti*

Now on to the post~

You know when you buy something and it doesn't really feel like you own it? It could be pair of shoes, or pants, or anything really.But when something feels "new" I think that automatically correlates to the fact that you don't own it yet.

At the end of the day material possessions are meaningless. They hold no inherent meaning on their own~ it's only when you incorporate these items with actions, life, and memories where these items transcend from something you bought to something that belongs to you.

That's why value village is kinda a mecca~ BC these clothes have already lived a life.

Over-thinking ate Brenda

I think in a very delicate way. Sometimes it is too delicate that it leads myself to deadends in my mind and meaningless worries.

I always tried to grasp a big picture of how I relate to different situation in my life, just like I am looking down to the ground from a flying helicopter. Of course, (LOL at myself) my experience has shown me that life is always unpredictable and never turns out the way I assumed.

So now, may be drop my habit of over-thinking. I will try to keep my thought simple and clean. May be this simple change will leads to a more profound approach to experience life.

After all, less is more.

A postcard from the future ate Brenda

Procrastination Ate Ricky

I think the reason I procrastinate is because I have some unsolved issues. I satiate needs and matters that aren't really important to me~ but I waste time on these things because it comforts me. Maybe I'm a masochist? nah ~/.......or yeah? haha i sure hope not.

Why do you guys put things off?

Watch this video about procrastination. I love the guy that narrates he's such a downer but kinda funny. I think we all have this kind of sappy character in us?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Temper Trap Ate Ricky

Say hi to the temper trap~ idk about their music~~~~~ but the video is really well done. SOOOOOOOOOO English.

This kind of weather is very indicative of the UK. The casting for the kids was really well done. You get the ginger, the tubby one, the kid that hasn't hit puberty yet, the cute one, the ethnic one.

It reminds me of like Billy ELLIOT Alla working class/ country boy/boredom/big dreams. What's weird is that the band is from Melbourne Australia. Get inspired!

WHo's the film director?

Brenda Ate Ricky

Brenda should be a model!!!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ahjoshi (아저씨 ) Ate Ricky

This is such a well produced amateur video from youtube.

Ahjjoshi(아저씨)- is a Korean word for middle aged men. And here is a video that someone made of them playing korean checkers. Really good.

Listen To This: Beach House

Their called Beach House and Victoria Legrand's voice makes me shake. So good- she sounds like a man- kinda like Tracy Chapman as my friend Zlatina mentioned.

I really want to know how they make sounds like this because it's so lucid yet not depressing or too druggy./

How would I describe their sound~
It's like staying up all night (for whatever reason)~ and your past the point of feeling sleepy~ but your head is just not all their ~ but as you watch the sunrise you just kind of float and feel sad, but content.

What do they make me want to do~
They make me want to make a video using their music. But i dont really know what kinf of images i want to put with it. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Check it out.

Zebra- is probably the album opener and it's the best track to give you a feel of the rest of teh album.

Walk In the Park- is my favorite track because the way it builds up to the chorus is really well paced and the chorus just takes you somewhere else.

Real Love- wow.

Hobos Have The Best Style: Issue 1

Below is a tres chiq hobo from Vancouver

Below are examples of people who dress like him.

I still think the hobo > girls trying to be boho

Brenda Ate Wong Kar Wi


" I think people in HK look at this guy ( Wong Kar Wi) as if he's crazy and wierd but he is such a hit in the film festival circle. You have to watch this movie- so stylish"


"Brenda i just watched it. 3 times. It just krept up into my top 3 favorite movies of all time."

I normally hate movies about gay relationships but this one is so well done. A couple from HK runs off to Argentina and thus begins amazing cinema.

Video Making ate Ricky

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Korea VS Vogue

Below is an example of what the Korean media thinks is Korean Beauty.

Han Ga In- Actress

Son Dambie- "singer"

Hyori Lee- Sex Symbol

And here is an example of what High fashion thinks a Korean woman is~

Daul Kim (RIP)- Muse for Karl Lagerfield

Hyoni Lee- First Asian model to win Ford's World Model Competition

Hye Park- Arguably most succesful asian model ever.

I'm personally very glad at the fact that the most picky discreners of beauty ( vogue etc...) end up using korean girls that actually have more realistic asian features. Hopefully korean girls and boys will look at this and realize they dont need to get double eye lid surgery and nose jobs to be beautiful. Small eyes are fierce man.

What do you guys prefer?

Hearts and Mono lids X

Monday, August 2, 2010

Brenda Ate YSL

YSL-Ready to Wear F/W 10

Brenda- " This looks like someone from the 90's. Who's a hipster. And they live in Brooklyn"

Ricky- "hahahhahahahahahhahahhahah"

"Wanting to go to Korea" ate Ricky

Korea is pretty conservative. But like all of us, they enjoy their weekends.

My friends tell me that when they have a night out in seoul, sometimes they wont come home till like 5 or 6 ( clubs dont close early their)

Hip Hop clubs are really popular there but I never knew there was like a venue to be able to like mosh to electric indie pop.

This band, GoGo Star, is really unique to Korea because their very energetic and have good stage performances( and their not like choreographed like kpop bands Urgh).

Very influenced by a London Street style. Like i bet they went to Shoreditch and got like super vamped up at the stuff they saw there.

SAy hi to girl from Shoreditch.

And now say hi to GOGO Star video

Maybe they can actually start a movement in Korea? Give something alternative to like kpop.


These kids do not look like the type to go to a show like this. But that's why it's so amazing. Jump to 0.33 seconds and watch. It made me smile.


Me and Brenda both agree that 90's style was so amazing. Maybe not so much the clothing itself but like the style and attitude that came with it. sooooooooooooooo good. Simple and effortlessly cool. MAkes me nostalgic too!

And Calvin Kleine ad from 90's is indicative of that, no? The clothing isnt even tacky it's like simple and adds to the persona of the ad rather then taking away from it.

Like you look at the AD above and you kind of want to know what their talking about. Raving? haha. Us trying to capture conversation.

Plus they use like racially diverse models.

Jenny Shimizu looks like a dude but she was supposedly sex slave for Angeline Jolie and MAdonna :O. And she's stunning.

We will never be Kate Moss:)

Hearts and Chicken X

Insomnia Ate Ricky


I made this video at 12 am instead of doing a series of papers that were due the following day. This kind of marks the moment where insomnia, creativity, and bliss crept into my soul. This also marks that point where i realized that you shoudl count your blissing and enjoy life rather then worry and whine. And when you want to worry and whine you should channel it into making something.
I hope that some of you will just pick up a camera and play around and see what you can create.

I think it's so important for people to try and do some creative things like drawing or art or film making because after like the age of 10 you don't really get an opportunity to explore these kind of things.

I think the trick is that when you have an idea just go for it.

I'm not gonna lie its a little artsy fartsy but i hope my dancing shows that i don't take myself too seriously.

Enjoy life and comment and follow us on the tab and I'll convince Brenda to do hardcore nude shoot soon. Jk. But subscribe.

Hearts and an Orange Pony X