Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Current Profile Ate Ricky

Name: Ricky Choi

Location: Montreal

Weight:A little bit heavier then I would like.

Height: 5'5

Status: Long Distance Relationship. He's very nice.

Mood: Messy.

Reading: Wanting to read. I don't read enough. It makes me kind of anxious.

Doing: Learning French. Inspiration.

Hair: Longer. Dyed. Bangs.

Want: Organization. More linear purpose. To be better in class. Not taking myself so seriously. To relax.

Don't Want: Spending long periods of time with people in my class. Being wasteful.Being lazy.

Looking forward to: More travel. Organizing the messy compartments.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sleep Ate Ricky

I was at a Waves Coffee on Hastings. Looking for Purpose.
Roaming the web.

I Remembered.

Even when your tired, life goes on and you can still push through.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day Ate Brenda who Ate Ricky

After going out this weekend i realized that i miss music like this. Vancouver climax is too predictable. The company was really good though.And people in vancouver are way happier maybe not as privy to a more acute level of pleasure and pain though?


Anyways this song is amazing. Listen. dance. Smile. AND LOVE YOURSELF

Fade ate Ricky

I lIke Mark Ronson.


I like cute korean boys more though.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Brenda Ate Ricky: Japan

R: What's Japanese?

B: Minimal Japo parisian pastries, Power R, Manga,COMME, Logos, weird porn, complicated subway system, pretty classic japanese hair style, Tsunami Block print

R: I agree.

Ricky Ate TRailer TRash circa 09

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Retrospective ate Ricky

From My Old BlOG

dear karl: stories

I try to put my life into a narrative sometimes. Like the kind of stories you see in tv or movies. A story that has structure. But life isn't always like a narrative. I think maybe a lot of ppl struggle and get saf when they can't seem to make sense of their life and put it into like a story for someone to just follow and enjoy. Life for pessimists is often the case of being born living then dying. I guess we all know the begining and end but its the livong part that doesn't always follow that story. Maybe its just random and sporatic. Maybe we suiffer trying to make sense of it?

I don't think my life is some story I can just chronicle and tell ppl. Bc if I truy to do that it isn't really life its just a structure that I formulated so u can follow along.

My Top 3 Mens Fall 2011 shows Ate Ricky

Maison Martin Margiela:
(haha this font is a bit too margiela)

I used to REALLY try and like margiela in my "trying to be dark and innovative" phase.

For first time, I truly love love love all the clothes.

everything is wearable. I never knew margiela could be so frickin wearable. Usually his mens collections are either really conceptual ( hair or paper as fabric) or too minimal and wierdly structured. The whole collection was just different and inspired .

Who styled this show? too good.

+ casting for this show was too perfect. Definitely BEST casting alongside Alexander. These are the kind of men i envision wearing margiela.

Like pale easter european intellectual types. Tolstoy and kafka sooo margiela.

Such smart details like the asymmetrical fur trim double breasts and teh distressed boots are vury classy.

I love loose trousers these days. Im finding the more casual feeeling ( especially on men) to be more luxurious maybe less try hard and just like " yeah i dont care but i do' . ya

The material on the vest ++++ and im also into fur this season but more less showy fur jackets rather then pimp or twinky.

The gloves are BAD ASS. It looks like there his hands soooo amazing and the boots are just soooo tasteful liek wow margiela !


My favourite look. Because so many details but everything on the whole is minimal in the way it comes across. Showy but not flashy. It doesn't scream like " I AM A FASHION PERSON" its more just effortless.

SIMPLE +NICE DETAILS- i wanna dress like thsi once i start becoming like profesional

Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Top 3 Mens Fall 2011 shows Ate Ricky

Dries Van Noten. I like this collection a lot because its like badass with a capital B ( Badass) but he uses like wool and cream and blue!

I like collections that exude that kind strength without having to resort to distorting or deliberately deconstructing the fabrics SO much. tasteful. but not boring or overly minimal.

David Bowie was a big inspiration for him for this show ( which was surprising) because Mr Noten said something in the lines of " i wanted to do collection that was glamorous but not feminine."

The models hair was very cool - slicked back and red ~ tribute to hwite duke era.

My favorites :


This photo does not do the look justice watch it on the youtube video and cargo pants will make you go like "yeah!"

Each piece is pretty amazing as a standalone but i dig the look too. its proportioned pretty cool.

I want to dress like this if i lived in berlin and gave lectures in a university.

Fur Collar.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011


School starts tomorrow. Im happy. Im going to have one of those creative semesters where i will be given allot of opportunity to create some manifestation of my many ideas. that makes me happy.My thoughts becoming physical. Progression is happiness. Boredom is misery. people do stupid shit when their bored. or they think too much and let stupid thoughts into themselves. Dont be mental slut. Dont let so many thoughts into you unless your able to discern between what thoughts pertain to your relevance.

Thoughts are the most important thing. they make up your life. what you choose to think about is what i would characterize as a good barmoter to measure how happy you are. People let alot of stupid shit into their head. Thoughts that mask themselves as something profound or beautiful. ~allot of people have the mind of like naive vapid 17 year old girl who dates like a guy with blonde hair who is 19 and has a name like dylan or justin, and dylan/justin influences girl into something that he can manipulate and get his way. mental rape.

it's harder then it sounds but pick the thoughts you want to think about. dont date dylan/justin. Don't let yourself be mentally raped, choose and accept a thought as if that choice will make up the rest of your life. But still aim to think, question, and open up to new things in the process. CATS