Sunday, January 8, 2012

I a night a didn't think would go well, goes well

Expectations determine impressions. I had an expectation that I would not enjoy myself. But through the course of the night things panned out towards an almost cliche positivity. There were group hugs involved.

I went to the waldorf. A hotel that was converted into a club that is frequented by the privelege-y hip. And they had a k-pop night tonight. I had pretty high expectations. They were playing my countries music. Even if it isnt to my normal music tastes, i supported it for the fact that i support korean things that are slightly progressive. Kpop in a hipster venue is pretty progressive. I assumed that k-pop was going to be this new post ironic movement in my city. i imagined a wide set of people grooving along to some catchy music that they did not understand. I was wrong.

People didnt know how to interpert it.* correction* the privelgy "hip" didnt know how to interperty it, Also the Dj essentialy played some fuckin playlist that was probably titled, Kpop 2011 mix, and had absolutely no skills. There was no beat drop. He fuckin paused. I think people deserve a little more respect then that. I can play music on my computer too man. what got me the most was the fact that he was grooving with his computer. BUT HE WASNT DOING ANYTHING EXCEPT PRESSING PLAY. What an idiot. ONLY SAMANTHA RONSON CAN GET AWAY WITH PLAYING THERE MP3 player! ANyways the k-pop room was almost empty and inhabited by an asian set who would not usually frequent this kind of establishment. Endearing but kind of sad too. The other room was worse. They played soul and r&b ( which i really enjoy) but they did it mindlessly. people settled for this room by forsaking the other. I was kind of insulted. Luckily my friends knew what was up. Thank god for them being aware. Ascene of geeky asians grooving along to k-pop which they genuinly enjoy is better then white people throwing there hands up in this faux bourgeouse emrcaement of urban music. Your not urban. And ironic shit is over so you guys just look lame.

In any case we let the beat drop. and me and my freinds embraced kpop and eventually the room filled out. they all have good taste and am happy i came out.

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  1. Also Im trying to get my friend into Murakami bc he's goring through a subconciosue time induced by a particular substance. i think his mind will be blow! Also i apologize for misspeling bc i am D.R.U.N.K. sorry sorry sorry. Im kind of writing this post so I csn refer to this later. Maybe i will look back on these times as being golden years of youth?????? Is this my peak?????? have i peaked??? i dont think so. but maybe