Wednesday, January 5, 2011


School starts tomorrow. Im happy. Im going to have one of those creative semesters where i will be given allot of opportunity to create some manifestation of my many ideas. that makes me happy.My thoughts becoming physical. Progression is happiness. Boredom is misery. people do stupid shit when their bored. or they think too much and let stupid thoughts into themselves. Dont be mental slut. Dont let so many thoughts into you unless your able to discern between what thoughts pertain to your relevance.

Thoughts are the most important thing. they make up your life. what you choose to think about is what i would characterize as a good barmoter to measure how happy you are. People let alot of stupid shit into their head. Thoughts that mask themselves as something profound or beautiful. ~allot of people have the mind of like naive vapid 17 year old girl who dates like a guy with blonde hair who is 19 and has a name like dylan or justin, and dylan/justin influences girl into something that he can manipulate and get his way. mental rape.

it's harder then it sounds but pick the thoughts you want to think about. dont date dylan/justin. Don't let yourself be mentally raped, choose and accept a thought as if that choice will make up the rest of your life. But still aim to think, question, and open up to new things in the process. CATS

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