Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Top 3 Mens Fall 2011 shows Ate Ricky

Dries Van Noten. I like this collection a lot because its like badass with a capital B ( Badass) but he uses like wool and cream and blue!

I like collections that exude that kind strength without having to resort to distorting or deliberately deconstructing the fabrics SO much. tasteful. but not boring or overly minimal.

David Bowie was a big inspiration for him for this show ( which was surprising) because Mr Noten said something in the lines of " i wanted to do collection that was glamorous but not feminine."

The models hair was very cool - slicked back and red ~ tribute to hwite duke era.

My favorites :


This photo does not do the look justice watch it on the youtube video and cargo pants will make you go like "yeah!"

Each piece is pretty amazing as a standalone but i dig the look too. its proportioned pretty cool.

I want to dress like this if i lived in berlin and gave lectures in a university.

Fur Collar.


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