Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Top 3 Mens Fall 2011 shows Ate Ricky

Maison Martin Margiela:
(haha this font is a bit too margiela)

I used to REALLY try and like margiela in my "trying to be dark and innovative" phase.

For first time, I truly love love love all the clothes.

everything is wearable. I never knew margiela could be so frickin wearable. Usually his mens collections are either really conceptual ( hair or paper as fabric) or too minimal and wierdly structured. The whole collection was just different and inspired .

Who styled this show? too good.

+ casting for this show was too perfect. Definitely BEST casting alongside Alexander. These are the kind of men i envision wearing margiela.

Like pale easter european intellectual types. Tolstoy and kafka sooo margiela.

Such smart details like the asymmetrical fur trim double breasts and teh distressed boots are vury classy.

I love loose trousers these days. Im finding the more casual feeeling ( especially on men) to be more luxurious maybe less try hard and just like " yeah i dont care but i do' . ya

The material on the vest ++++ and im also into fur this season but more less showy fur jackets rather then pimp or twinky.

The gloves are BAD ASS. It looks like there his hands soooo amazing and the boots are just soooo tasteful liek wow margiela !


My favourite look. Because so many details but everything on the whole is minimal in the way it comes across. Showy but not flashy. It doesn't scream like " I AM A FASHION PERSON" its more just effortless.

SIMPLE +NICE DETAILS- i wanna dress like thsi once i start becoming like profesional

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