Monday, August 2, 2010

Insomnia Ate Ricky


I made this video at 12 am instead of doing a series of papers that were due the following day. This kind of marks the moment where insomnia, creativity, and bliss crept into my soul. This also marks that point where i realized that you shoudl count your blissing and enjoy life rather then worry and whine. And when you want to worry and whine you should channel it into making something.
I hope that some of you will just pick up a camera and play around and see what you can create.

I think it's so important for people to try and do some creative things like drawing or art or film making because after like the age of 10 you don't really get an opportunity to explore these kind of things.

I think the trick is that when you have an idea just go for it.

I'm not gonna lie its a little artsy fartsy but i hope my dancing shows that i don't take myself too seriously.

Enjoy life and comment and follow us on the tab and I'll convince Brenda to do hardcore nude shoot soon. Jk. But subscribe.

Hearts and an Orange Pony X


  1. haha! I defs find myself dancing out at like 3am to some Tila Tequila slutty tunage. lols!