Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Korea VS Vogue

Below is an example of what the Korean media thinks is Korean Beauty.

Han Ga In- Actress

Son Dambie- "singer"

Hyori Lee- Sex Symbol

And here is an example of what High fashion thinks a Korean woman is~

Daul Kim (RIP)- Muse for Karl Lagerfield

Hyoni Lee- First Asian model to win Ford's World Model Competition

Hye Park- Arguably most succesful asian model ever.

I'm personally very glad at the fact that the most picky discreners of beauty ( vogue etc...) end up using korean girls that actually have more realistic asian features. Hopefully korean girls and boys will look at this and realize they dont need to get double eye lid surgery and nose jobs to be beautiful. Small eyes are fierce man.

What do you guys prefer?

Hearts and Mono lids X

1 comment:

  1. I prefer the Korean Media.
    American Media could learn from Korean Media. I click on this picture because I thought,"Wow, she is beautiful". The "High Fashio" images are ugly and often I feel sicken by the unrealistic images we are feeding our young women and girls.