Saturday, August 14, 2010

“Shall we dance?” ate Brenda

nouvelle vague "dance with me"+

Godard’s bande a part (band of outsiders) +

Anna Karina (my fav french new wave actress)

“Let's dance little stranger

Show me secret sins

Love can be like bondage

Seduce me once again

Burning like an angel

Who has heaven in reprieve?

Burning like the voodoo man

With devils on his sleeve

Won't you dance with me

In my world of fantasy

Won't you dance with me

Ritual fertility”

Remember the last time someone ask you to dance?

Did that make you fall like an angel from heaven to earth?

Did you resent your fall to a secret sinner?

After all, do you think it’s all worth it ?

Or, you will take it as a joke and laugh it off?

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