Monday, August 2, 2010

"Wanting to go to Korea" ate Ricky

Korea is pretty conservative. But like all of us, they enjoy their weekends.

My friends tell me that when they have a night out in seoul, sometimes they wont come home till like 5 or 6 ( clubs dont close early their)

Hip Hop clubs are really popular there but I never knew there was like a venue to be able to like mosh to electric indie pop.

This band, GoGo Star, is really unique to Korea because their very energetic and have good stage performances( and their not like choreographed like kpop bands Urgh).

Very influenced by a London Street style. Like i bet they went to Shoreditch and got like super vamped up at the stuff they saw there.

SAy hi to girl from Shoreditch.

And now say hi to GOGO Star video

Maybe they can actually start a movement in Korea? Give something alternative to like kpop.


These kids do not look like the type to go to a show like this. But that's why it's so amazing. Jump to 0.33 seconds and watch. It made me smile.

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